Bugatti and Rimac's New Hypercar: Aerodynamic Design Revealed in Exclusive Render 

Bugatti Rimac collaboration: Bugatti and Rimac have partnered with Porsche to work on hybrid hypercars.

Preserving Bugatti's heritage: The CEO of Bugatti Rimac, Mate Rimac, aims to retain an electrified aspect while keeping the traditional internal combustion engine. 

Exclusive render: HotCars artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel has created an exclusive render of the upcoming Bugatti Rimac hypercar 

Aerodynamic design: The render showcases a mid-engined setup with various intakes, scoops, and grilles, typical of internal combustion engines. 

Influences from previous models: The render features a slotted nose inspired by Bugatti's Centodieci and shares similarities with the track-exclusive Bolide in terms of aerodynamics 

Price and performance: Bugatti's Mistral, the last pure internal combustion engined Bugatti, is sold out at around $5 million, while the Rimac Nevera, a production electric car,  

costs $2 million and can reach speeds of 258 mph. The new Bugatti Rimac hypercar is expected to have a similar top speed of around 260 mph. 

The render by Timothy Adry Emmanuel showcases an exclusive design, incorporating aerodynamic elements from Bugatti models such as the Bolide, Divo, Centodieci, and Mistral. 

The hypercar will feature a hybrid powertrain, preserving Bugatti's 16-cylinder legacy while embracing electrification. 

The partnership aims to develop hybrid hypercars, combining Rimac's expertise in batteries and electric motors with Bugatti's iconic internal combustion engines. 

Bugatti and Rimac have collaborated under the Bugatti Rimac brand, with Porsche and Rimac owning 45% and 55% respectively.